My first post: Love Island Chats

Love Island Chats 

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So for my very first blog post I thought I would just have a little bit of a chat about Love Island. Now Love Island has been taking over social media since it began and I bloody love it! So i thought I would just do a chatty post about all things Love Island.

(Just a warning: this is just my opinion, I'm only writing this because I love having Love Island chats with my friends and hearing about other peoples opinions. I also don't really want to discus any of the people in there in a negative way. I would much rather talk about all the people in there that I love!)

Image result for love island kemSo first lets talk about my fave couple: Kem and Amber. I just think they are perfect for each-other. Despite all the bumps along the way I think they're the strongest couple at this point (however this could easily change, we all know that things in the villa aren't exactly plain sailing!!) Kem has been making me laugh since the series began, I think he's just hilarious and some of his one liners have had me in stitches. Now Amber is a funny one, I do like her now but in the first few weeks of the show I wasn't sure. However I think because she is quite young and she fell very hard for a boy very quickly her emotions were all over the place (we've all been there) . That's personally why I think she came over as childish and why so many people thought she was playing a game. 

However I have also loved watching the friendships in the villa. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE KEM AND CHRIS BROMANCE THO. This bromance has made this whole series, its had me cry-laughing and dying over the cute moments. I really can't get enough of them and even if Kem and Amber don't last Kem and Chris certainly will! 

Speaking of Chris, he also has to be one of my faves. Even though I thought he was really arrogant in the beginning I now absolutely adore him. He had me DYING when he was caring for the babies (Cash Hughes was giving me life) he just seems like such a genuinely nice guy. I love his rapping (who wouldn't?)  and  think he went into the villa with good intentions of having a laugh and finding love. Plus he came up with the phrase "Muggy Mike" so that should defo make him a national treasure right? 

Image result for love islandAnother person who I defo think should be a national treasure is Camilla. I just love her!. She just seems so lovely and sweet. I'm so happy for her now that she's found Jaime after Jonny broke her heart (#teamcamsincedayone) I would love to see her win but I'm not sure in Jamie has been in there long enough to have fully won over the public however I could be totally wrong.

And that's pretty much a round of my fave people and couples in Love Island this year, like I said I didn't want to discuss of the people I don't like because we do only see an hour of the day so I didn't want to make any negative comments . Anyway let me know any of your views because I love this show and I cant believe its over in less than a week! 

Thank's for reading! xo